The B & B Experience

The B & B Experience

With chain hotels becoming more about profits and less about people, bed and breakfasts are becoming hugely popular.  When you travel and you want to get away from the stresses of daily life then a charming get away that still has the personal touch may be just what you need.  The B & B experience can be the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Romantic Getaways

There are bed and breakfast accommodations all over the world, many of them with some sort of theme like local history.  Others cater to couples by offering romantic retreats for newlyweds.  Even if you opt for a bed and breakfast only a short distance from home it can be such a relaxing retreat you never want to leave.

American B&B

In the US you will find more bed and breakfasts in New England or along the west coast.  B & B’s in upstate New York, Massachusetts and other New England states are often located near historical sites pertaining to the Revolutionary War.  Many of the hosts are more than happy to arrange tours of local attractions while you are a guest.  Along the West Coast, there are plenty of romantic getaways overlooking the Pacific with incredible views and lush beaches nearby.  Whether you plan to head east or west choose a local B&B rather than a sterile chain hotel.

Traveling Abroad

Bed and Breakfast accommodations are ideal when you are traveling through Europe.  You are staying with a local who can introduce you to local customs, show you where to shop and which the better restaurants in town are.  You get to experience local culture in a way that you just can’t at a hotel, you see locals living everyday lives and teaching you about their country.  How fantastic is that!

B&Bs are common all over Europe but England in particular has some fantastic ones.  Imagine spending a romantic vacation in an old castle or finding a B&B close to Stonehenge.  In southern England and London you will also find the prices far better than a traditional hotel.

A B&B is far less formal than a hotel and the innkeepers tend to be much friendlier.  Owners typically live onsite so you aren’t just patronizing a local business but staying in someone’s home.  If you are traveling somewhere new it can give you a new unique perspective on the local area from people who have called the area home for years.

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast Instead of a Hotel

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast Instead of a Hotel

If you travel a lot then you already know how impersonal staying in a hotel can be.  Hotels can have some great amenities but they are cold and unfeeling.  If you haven’t tried a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel it might be time to give it a try.  Choosing a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel can make your trip far more pleasant than you expect.

Drawbacks of Staying in a Hotel

Unless you are staying in a luxury hotel your room will consist of a bed, bathroom, chair and a television.  That doesn’t mean the room is uncomfortable but they tend to be very utilitarian.  Some hotels will include a continental breakfast which is simply coffee and some muffins.  If they have a restaurant in the hotel you can go there for breakfast but it will likely cost a fair amount for simple food.  Hotels can also be noisy.  If you have ever stayed in a room next to a sports team then you know what that means.  Despite all of that most travelers view hotels as a safe bet because they tend to be consistent and for many people it works for them.  Remember these are large chain hotels with little room for extras or negotiating the rates.  Some guests prefer a more personal approach without the expensive price tag.

Choosing a Bed & Breakfast

The first thing you should be aware of when you are staying in a Bed & Breakfast is that you are not giving money to a large hotel chain with shareholders rather you are supporting a small local business.  You may also be under the impression that you may not get the quality of service that you have come to expect with a hotel, but that really isn’t the case.  You are effectively a guest in someone’s home and the owners go out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable.

Not only will the proprietors go out of their way to make you feel comfortable the guests tend to be quieter making it easier to get some rest.  You won’t find a traveling football team at a B&B.  An additional perk are the home cooked meals, even if that meal is only breakfast.

If you have never stayed in a bed and breakfast before then you should definitely give it a try.  You may be surprised at just how much you will prefer over a traditional hotel.

Finding a Great Dallas B & B

Finding a Great Dallas B & B

If you love to travel and have the time to do so then Dallas should definitely be one of your must-see destinations.  Traveling isn’t cheap and it is in your best interest to find the best deals possible.  Being thrifty with your travel expenses doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in some great places.  You want to remember your experience as a great time not as a place you couldn’t wait to leave.  Finding a great Dallas B & B is a great way to make the trip fantastic.

B & B or Hotel

If you travel a great deal then you are probably used to staying in hotels, but that can get old pretty fast.  The service isn’t great unless you want to spend several hundred dollars a night on a luxury suite.  A bed and breakfast can offer great rooms with personal service at a decent price.  Most are located near all the attractions you want to see and the staff makes you feel like you’re at home.

If you travel often for business one of the things you will tire of rather quickly is constantly dining out.  Healthy options are limited and you end up eating fast food more often than you should, dining in better restaurants by yourself can be rather lonely.  In a bed and breakfast you can enjoy some fabulous home cooking and you can dine with other guests or staff.  It is a much friendlier atmosphere than you can ever expect to find in a hotel.

Finding a Good B & B

You can take your chances and book a stay at any old bed and breakfast but you might want to be a little more careful about where you make your reservations.  You want to make sure that you have a pleasant experience and you’re close enough to all the sights that you want to take in while you’re away.  You will need to do a little research beyond just looking at pictures on Google of Dallas B & B’s.  Dallas has no shortage of great places to stay so don’t short change yourself.  Check out the online reviews along with what other customers liked and didn’t like about staying there.  Try and look for a B & B that has at least five but preferably more reviews to make your decision.

Staying in a Dallas Bed and Breakfast is a great idea, you can experience all the city has to offer with some great local hospitality and you can get it all at a better price than a hotel.

Family Fun in Dallas

Family Fun in Dallas

Dallas is known for its sports team among many other things. Surely, it can be a huge playground for both young and old alike. The world is one huge classroom, kids will gain a deeper appreciation of arts and science in Dallas like never before. Here are the top 10 attractions your family will love.


  1. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Learn science in an interactive way that the whole family can enjoy. From the historic dinosaurs to the weather, Perot has a program suited for all ages.  Here is a look at the exhibits in the museum.

  1. Reunion Tower Geo-deck

Challenge your fear of height as you go up 470 feet to see a panoramic view of the city. They recreate Paris lock in a whole new level, using stars instead of locks. Each guest can imprint their details on a star in Geo-deck’s touch screen monitors.


  1. Klyde Warren Park

In the heart of Dallas lies a massive space where the family can go out on picnics and children can run freely. Parents can dine or drink Al Fresco while watching the kids frolic in the playground.


  1. Dallas Zoo

No need to go to Africa, experience the wildlife with your family in their Family Campout. The zoo has a lot to offer considering that it is the largest in Texas where everyone gets to appreciate the animal kingdom.


  1. Dallas Arboretum

The arboretum features 66 acres of lush greenery with a charm that changes each season. Kids will appreciate botany on a whole new level after joining the summer camps they offer.


  1. Frontiers of Flight Museum

Walk the path of the Wright brothers as they first discovered the airplane to what the new technologies and industry are now.


  1. The Dallas World Aquarium

What was once an abandoned warehouse turned to a magnificent aquarium in 1992. Kids will see endangered species as the aquarium is committed to animal conservation and education.


  1. Dallas Museum of Art

Ditch the car and hop on McKinney Avenue Trolley to tour the Dallas Arts District. Dallas has the largest art district in the entire United States. A visit to an art museum is a must.


  1. Dallas Summer Musical

Experience broadway right in Dallas. An experience that will definitely bring out the musical genius in everyone. Famous musical take centerstage from Rent to Frozen to Dear Evan Hansen.


  1. Dinner, Medieval Time

Play with the kids’ imagination as they dine and watch the medieval scenes come to life right before their eyes. The family will be treated as royal guests to enjoy the King’s Buffet, like nothing in this world.