The B & B Experience

The B & B Experience

With chain hotels becoming more about profits and less about people, bed and breakfasts are becoming hugely popular.  When you travel and you want to get away from the stresses of daily life then a charming get away that still has the personal touch may be just what you need.  The B & B experience can be the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Romantic Getaways

There are bed and breakfast accommodations all over the world, many of them with some sort of theme like local history.  Others cater to couples by offering romantic retreats for newlyweds.  Even if you opt for a bed and breakfast only a short distance from home it can be such a relaxing retreat you never want to leave.

American B&B

In the US you will find more bed and breakfasts in New England or along the west coast.  B & B’s in upstate New York, Massachusetts and other New England states are often located near historical sites pertaining to the Revolutionary War.  Many of the hosts are more than happy to arrange tours of local attractions while you are a guest.  Along the West Coast, there are plenty of romantic getaways overlooking the Pacific with incredible views and lush beaches nearby.  Whether you plan to head east or west choose a local B&B rather than a sterile chain hotel.

Traveling Abroad

Bed and Breakfast accommodations are ideal when you are traveling through Europe.  You are staying with a local who can introduce you to local customs, show you where to shop and which the better restaurants in town are.  You get to experience local culture in a way that you just can’t at a hotel, you see locals living everyday lives and teaching you about their country.  How fantastic is that!

B&Bs are common all over Europe but England in particular has some fantastic ones.  Imagine spending a romantic vacation in an old castle or finding a B&B close to Stonehenge.  In southern England and London you will also find the prices far better than a traditional hotel.

A B&B is far less formal than a hotel and the innkeepers tend to be much friendlier.  Owners typically live onsite so you aren’t just patronizing a local business but staying in someone’s home.  If you are traveling somewhere new it can give you a new unique perspective on the local area from people who have called the area home for years.